Before You PreOrder – Everything You Need to Know About Final Fantasy 15 (XV)

Its well known that Square Enix has now been actively developing Final Fantasy XV for over 10 years, having seen numerous changes and improvements since its initial announcement, the game has now officially ‘gone gold’ and is only a couple of weeks away from launch. Expected on the 29th Nov 2016 for PS4 and XBOX One it’s time to get excited!Continue reading

Everything you need to know about PlayStation VR


Since its announcement at GDC 2014, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has been the centre of attention generating a lot of interest and excitement along the way, as unlike the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift, it does not require a high-end gaming PC to operate. All it requires to run is a PlayStation 4, which a huge amount of gamers already own (there are 36 million PS4 consoles currently on the market). Over two years on and the PlayStation VR headset has finally arrived, and early reports are good.Continue reading

Microsoft Project Scorpio will Play Games at Native 4K, but whats the Catch?

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio is still around a year away, but Microsoft is already making some pretty bold claims about the console’s computing power. Unlike the majority of games running on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, which upscale to 4K, it appears that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will run games natively at 4k, giving pristine visual quality.Continue reading