The Graphics Card Is Now the Driving Force Of The PC

In November 2016, the PC turns 35 years old. While performance and its possible applications have evolved massively, nowhere is this more apparent than in the GPU, which is advancing today at an incredible rate. With products ranging from under £100 to £8,000, the applications GPU’s now target is simply staggering. The power of today’s GPU’s not only power the latest games, but are critical for graphics and video workstations, as well as servers.Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Why Gamers Are Disappointed With The PS4 PRO

After Microsoft announced the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio this summer at E3, gamers have been waiting anxiously for Sony’s response. Last week, during a special PlayStation Meeting, Sony announced the new PlayStation 4 Pro, an upgraded, more powerful PlayStation 4. However, while the console may be more powerful, the device formerly known as PlayStation Neo is noticeably without features many gamers were expecting.Continue reading